Refrigerator Touchscreen Interface

Our refrigerator GUI was showcased at Embedded World, highlighting creative features such as displaying water volume while dispensing, made possible by dynamic touchscreens.

Touchscreens That Changed the World

Discover the fascinating history of touchscreen devices that revolutionized the world. From early experiments to modern-day innovations, explore four decades of touch technology in this captivating tour.

The Apple Store That Almost Was

In 1996, Apple planned to open futuristic cybercafes globally, called the Apple Cafe, offering healthy food, video conferencing, and on-demand entertainment. The idea never materialized.

Put Your Hands Up To Test Usability

Designing touchscreens with finger paints would ensure user-friendliness. Though we don’t use finger paints, we do have fingers, and designers should test interfaces early on to avoid obstruction.

Touchscreen Button Dimensions and Spacing

Usability of touchscreen buttons depends on size. ISO and ANSI recommend 0.75″ square buttons. Wright State University study supports this size for maximizing user performance and satisfaction.

Labeling Touchscreen Interfaces

Effective user interfaces require clear language to instruct users. The choice of words is as vital as the graphics. Four simple rules can enhance the usability of your touchscreen interfaces.