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    CoPilot is a software suite that encompasses all the touchscreen design utilities we've pioneered and improved on since 2002. Inside CoPilot you'll find new versions of all the tools you've grown familiar with and more.

    Background Maker: Quickly crop and resize any image to the correct dimensions for any touchscreen. What could take an hour of trial and error in expensive image editing software takes only seconds with Background Maker.

    Logo Tools: Turn ordinary logos into beautifully styled interface buttons. Start with the included collection of network logos or create a folder and fill it with your own logos.

    Image Resizer: Quickly and easily batch resize a collection of icons or images to a size appropriate for your project.

    Koloroo: Interactively explore over 100 million color schemes. Use the colors you discover in interface design, graphic design, web site design, interior design ... in fact, just about anything.