Guifx is an interface design studio specializing in touchscreens and embedded systems. We perfect workflow through user-centered design, refining every concept with a candy coating that's second to none - always with your brand, goals, and audience in mind. Our Company

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Why We Specialize

If you need brain surgery, you call a brain surgeon - not a general practitioner. If you need a GUI for a touchscreen, you call Guifx - not a design firm that spends its time on websites and letterheads. Our Portfolio

What Sets Us Apart

A touchscreen should be fun, fast, and intuitive. We understand the technologies, and we concentrate on maximizing the subtle differences that affect the user experience. Contact Us


What We Do

Project Flowcharting

Storyboards are the design behind the design. They define an interface's functionality and workflow and reveal the big picture.

Interface Wireframing

Lo-fidelity prototypes allow for rapid try-test-repeat cycles which explore multiple design options and iron out interface wrinkles.

Interface Design

Guifx interfaces come with benefits. Increased sales, improved productivity, reduced training & support costs, and happy customers.

Button & Element Design

Interactive elements designed for touchscreens maximize your product's performance and insure the best possible user experience.

Icon Design

Icons improve the user experience by speeding up visual recognition of interface functions as well as by adding curb appeal.

Frame & Backdrop Design

A spectacular background is the foundation of a great interface and helps to reduce the appearance of fingerprints on touchscreens.