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    Icons improve the user experience by speeding up visual recognition of interface functions as well as by adding curb appeal.

    User Friendly

    Novice and infrequent users find that icons make interface functions easier to learn and remember.

    Programmer Friendly

    Icons are provided as hi-res PNG images with transparency. Quickly batch-resize them using our CoPilot software for use in any of your projects.

    Business Friendly

    A quick, easy, and inexpensive way to simplify the end-user experience. Increase client satisfaction while reducing training time and long-term support needs. We design bespoke icons too.

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    Aaron is a gorgeous photo-realistic icon set that provides you with a large variety of multimedia and device icons for use in your projects. Congratulations... the perfect finishing touch for any design project has arrived.

    Aaron is big. How big? 185 icons big. Aaron consists of 75 professionally designed icons and 110 additional color variations. The set was inspired by the custom electronics industry and contains a nice variety of multimedia and system device icons. Aaron goes above and beyond the norm including icons for swimming pool controls, player piano, and others.