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    Byron is a gorgeous photo-realistic icon set that provides you with a large variety of multimedia and device icons for use in your projects. Congratulations... the perfect finishing touch for any design project has arrived.

    Byron is big. How big? 67 icons big. The set was inspired by the custom electronics industry and contains a nice variety of multimedia and system device icons. Byron goes above and beyond the norm including icons for window treatments, irrigation, and others.

    Example Representations You'll Find

    • Watch (TV, Movie, Cable, Blu-ray, ...)
    • Listen (iPod, HD Radio, Jukebox, ...)
    • Connect (Internet, Video Game, Camera, ...)
    • Communicate (Phone, Video/Teleconference, ...)
    • Adjust (Lights, Blinds, Irrigation ...)

    Features & Benefits

    • 67 icons designed by our world-class artists
    • 63 extra icons included for versatility and choice
    • Adds color and visual cues for ease of use
    • Byron icons are a massive 512x512 size (PNG)
    • Scale to any size with CoPilot

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